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What is the meaning of provender in Hindi?

Meaning of provender in Hindi is : प्रोवेंडर

Definition of word provender

  • Food, especially for livestock. (noun)
  • An edible material that provides sustenance. (noun)

Examples of word provender

    • Mmmm, the crops are coming in and the price of provender is down.
    • They were compelled to seek their provender from the sea, and in time they became salt-water men.
    • The Arab proverb is, "Sweet provender is as bread to camels -- salted provender as confectionery."
    • It were better to be a panniered jack-ass and pick up my scanty provender from the ditch, than be a garter’d peer in such a home as this. —
    • Seemingly the only Londoners who enjoy any extensive variety in their provender are the slum-dwellers.


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