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What is the meaning of provoke in Hindi?

Meaning of provoke in Hindi is : ललकारना

Definition of word provoke

  • to cause someone to become annoyed or angry. (verb)
  • to bring about a reaction. (verb)
  • To appeal. (verb)

Examples of word provoke

  • Let them, as far as I am concerned, but it may short term provoke more counterreaction.
  • Today, another American legend, Mark Twain, celebrated for the power of his language and his ability to delight and provoke, is also under attack.
  • A very large part of our knowledge about immunity against bacteria and the diseases they provoke is therefore due to the action of haemolytic sera on red corpuscles, and it was only later that attempts were made to find out if, and in what measure, the detected properties apply equally to bacteria and the bacteriolytic sera.
  • God they provoke is just, and holy, and terrible, and not such a one as themselves.
  • No, the federal response the state of Arizona is trying to provoke is to police the damn border already.


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