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What is the meaning of prox in Hindi?

Meaning of prox in Hindi is :

Definition of word prox

  • The ticket or list of candidates at elections, presented to the people for their votes. (noun)
    चुनाव में उम्मीदवारों की टिकट या सूची, लोगों को उनके वोट के लिए प्रस्तुत की जाती है।

Examples of word prox

  • A high-dud barrage or two or three perhaps, over a year, might indicate bad quality control in the shells themselves; but when every flight of low-elevation "prox" shells over a certain point either exploded on contact or not at all, the revered law was being broken.
  • Your idea of shell wrappers around the commands that need the proxy is a good enhancement to this … that way "prox" could be automatically invoked right before it's needed …
  • As a result, the proxy environment variables are set correctly any time I open a terminal window, and I can update it at any time (after changing locations) by typing "prox".
  • My earlier research into BLS stats indicated that prox 40% of jobs were blue collar hourly.
  • To designate target you will *garbled* be inside the Reaper operating time gate, in close prox. to the Reaper and must keep target LAS *garbled* ten seconds.
  • All they really have to go off of is swiping the prox (ph) card which is recorded in a computer system, and also talking to the other people in the building saw her on Tuesday morning.
  • My first job as a longshoreman in 1939 paid $0.96 per hour and now pays prox $ 27.
  • There are many areas in Mexico prettier than Ensenada, but don't have the good weather or the close prox. to US that I need.
  • Even if you had like a proximity -- a prox card to open the door, somebody walk behind you.