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What is the meaning of psychopathic in Hindi?

Meaning of psychopathic in Hindi is : मनोरोगमय

Definition of word psychopathic

  • Exhibiting the behaviors and personality traits of a psychopath. (adjective)

Examples of word psychopathic

  • The study also showed increases in "psychopathic deviation," which is loosely related to psychopathic behavior in a much milder form and is defined as having trouble with authority and feeling as though the rules don't apply to you.
  • He's a freakin psychopathic killer who will stop at nothing to take down Batman.
  • And I would term psychopathic those Jews who ally themselves with those who are doing their best, through boycotts and other nefarious means to physically murder Jews - need I name names: Noam Chomsky, Adam Shapiro, Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, etc.
  • Turn to the latest edition of the group's newspaper, The Occupied Times, and more space is spent congratulating themselves on bringing different people together - and diluting revolutionaries who wanted all corporations defined as "psychopathic" - than on any concrete, practical suggestions for change.
  • The law of New York and most of the states does not recognize "irresistible impulses," but it should admit the medical fact that there are persons who, through no fault of their own, are born practically without any inhibitory capacity whatever, and that there are others whose control has been so weakened, through accident or disease, as to render them morally irresponsible, -- the so-called psychopathic inferiors.