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What is the meaning of publicist in Hindi?

Meaning of publicist in Hindi is : विधिवेता

Definition of word publicist

  • A person whose job is to publicize information or events; a publicity agent; a public relations agent or worker (noun)
  • A journalist, often a commentator, who focusses on politics (noun)

Examples of word publicist

    • Your publicist is there to advise you on strategic planning, image, and groom you for interviews with the media.
    • Personally, I think her publicist is the person spreading these rumors.
    • For some reason (the economy?) this year, my publicist is not only responding to my various e-mails, but she's also out hunting up work for me.
    • Penguin publicist articulates the reasons why have a prepublication presence is so important.
    • When I ask for review copies that means I do have some interest in the project that publicist is being paid to publicize.


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