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What is the meaning of published in Hindi?

Meaning of published in Hindi is : मुद्रित

Definition of word published

  • Simple past tense and past participle of publish. (verb)

Examples of word published

  • Edition (_published_ by Mr. Brimley Johnson, but differing considerably from the editions which he has _edited_); and the Winchester Edition, published by Mr. Grant Richards.
  • "This dedication may serve for almost any book that has, is, or shall be published:" -- "that _has been_, or _will be published_."
  • The abore are the only works yet published of a series of the GREEK POETS intended to be printed uniformly with them; and a Series of the LATIN POETS of the same sise is in the press: ot which is jrnt published*
  • The earliest scientific name that might apply to the southern Dolly Varden of North America is “Salmo lordi,” a name published in 1866 for a char from the Skagit River of Washington and British Columbia.
  • The oldest scientific name that might apply to southern Dolly Varden as a species or a subspecies is “Salmo curilus,” a name published in 1811 for char of the Kuril Islands.


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