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What is the meaning of pulls in Hindi?

Meaning of pulls in Hindi is :

Definition of word pulls

  • Plural form of pull. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pull. (verb)

Examples of word pulls

    • Each season the label pulls off a neat trick of marrying quirky British-born sensibilities combined with a New York-learned commercial sense.
    • The term pulls towards the use of legislative history because one can still identify as a textualist without being as “pure” as Scalia on the issue.
    • Really good phone service, high quality fabrics plus real metal chain pulls, not the plastic variety, make this a step up.theshadestore. com
    • The United States has been among the worst of the meddlers: U.S. forces fought predacious warlords at the wrong time, backed some of the same predacious warlords at the wrong time, and consistently failed to appreciate the twin pulls of clan and religion.
    • In “I believe I am” (46), Winke again pulls his title from the prose, but here, it did not balance the piece nor did it strengthen a work that I found to be too introspective.


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