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What is the meaning of punctilious in Hindi?

Meaning of punctilious in Hindi is : सूक्ष्माचारी

Definition of word punctilious

  • Strictly attentive to detail; meticulous or fastidious, particularly to codes or conventions. (adjective)
  • Precise or scrupulous; finicky or nitpicky. (adjective)

Examples of word punctilious

    • It is no accident that the word "punctilious" ( "attentive to formality or etiquette") comes from the same original root word as punctuation.
    • In conduct, this animus expressed itself in a kind of punctilious propriety.
    • I made no complaint, but Wolf Larsen demanded the most punctilious sea etiquette in my case, — far more than poor Johansen had ever received; and at the expense of several rows, threats, and much grumbling, he brought the hunters to time.
    • He had punctilious but easy manners and a nice dry sense of humor.
    • Many Wyoming entities and businesses are punctilious about rules.


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