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What is the meaning of pure in Hindi?

Meaning of pure in Hindi is : साफ

Definition of word pure

  • free of flaws or imperfections; unsullied (adjective)
  • free of foreign material or pollutants (adjective)
  • free of immoral behavior or qualities; clean (adjective)
  • of a branch of science, done for its own sake instead of serving another branch of science. (adjective)
  • Of a single, simple sound or tone; said of some vowels and the unaspirated consonants. (adjective)
  • to a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly. (adverb)

Examples of word pure

  • The most effective way to purify the thoughts is to divert them to a pure and strictly non-sexual subject -- e.g., _pure mathematics_.
  • When trustees and patrons realize that pure air is absolutely essential to health, and that their children are being slowly poisoned by the foul air of school rooms, then they will construct our halls of learning with a due regard for the laws of hygiene, and students will not droop under their tasks on account of the absence of Nature's most bountiful gift, _pure air_.
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  • In fact, I use the term "pure shooter" very carefully.
  • All the big brewers were blasting the word pure in their advertising, spending fortunes on two-page spreads so they could write the word in larger type than their competition.


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