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What is the meaning of pussyfoot in Hindi?

Meaning of pussyfoot in Hindi is : सतर्कता से कहना

Definition of word pussyfoot

  • To move silently, stealthily, or furtively. (verb)
  • To act timidly or cautiously. (verb)
  • To use euphemistic language or circumlocution. (verb)

Examples of word pussyfoot

  • Many political futures had been wrecked and wasted by ambitious politicians who tried to "pussyfoot" on this issue.
  • For the same reason that we continue to "pussyfoot" around in Iraq and Afghanistan ..
  • I don't see any reason to "pussyfoot" (to quote a famous Democrat racist, George Wallace).
  • The most popular were the "pussyfoot" (white of an egg, grenadine, lemon and orange juice) and the "Alexandra" (crème de cacao, grenadine, and cream).
  • •Don't pussyfoot around when it comes to exercise.


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