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What is the meaning of put down in Hindi?

Meaning of put down in Hindi is : अपमानकारक कथन

Definition of word put down

  • Alternative spelling of put-down. (noun)

Examples of word put down

  • On page 23, when Charles Bovary is seeking Emma Rouault's hand, Emma's father thinks of him as "a bit of a loser," where Russell has "rather a wisp of a man" — which, as well as being less of a jazzy putdown from the late twentieth century, happens to be more accurate: a gringalet, according to my French-English dictionary, is a "little undersized fellow."
  • The Hebrew word behama, meaning water oxen, is a slang putdown meaning dolt.
  • The putdown is a familiar one for the Kennedy family.
  • The problem is that McCain is known as a maverick and has come out strongly against Bush so the third Bush term putdown has not stuck.
  • The effect on society and on this democracy of this angry, polarizing, bitter kind of putdown conversation is dangerous.

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