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What is the meaning of put in Hindi?

Meaning of put in Hindi is : समाविश्ट करना

Definition of word put

  • To place something somewhere (verb)
  • To bring or set into a certain relation, state or condition (verb)
  • To exercise a put option (verb)
  • To express something in a certain manner (verb)
  • To throw a heavy iron ball as a sport. See shot put. (verb)
  • A right to sell something at a predetermined price. (noun)
  • A contract to sell a security at a set price on or before a certain date. (noun)
  • An idiot; a foolish person. (noun)
  • A prostitute. (noun)

Examples of word put

  • A royalist divine also, during the Protectorate, did not scruple to quibble in the following prayer, which he was accustomed to deliver: -- "O Lord, who hast put a sword into the hand of thy servant, Oliver, _put it into his heart_ ALSO -- to do according to thy word."
  • When for any reason it is necessary to put a small or weakly rooted plant or cutting, or a cutting that is just on the point of sending forth roots, in a pot that seems too large, _put it near the edge of the pot_, instead of in the middle.
  • —Now, mamma, ” he went on, as he turned to Mme. Vauquer and put his arm round her waist, “put on your bonnet, your best flowered silk, and the countessÂ’s scarf, while I go out to call a cab—all my own self.
  • In a speech which is put into the mouth of Paul "-- _put into the mouth of Paul!
  • Clearly, the pre-"Respect" Franklin could ace anything the label put before her—from Hoagy Carmichael's "Skylark" to Neal Hefti's "How to Murder Your Wife."


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