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What is the meaning of pye in Hindi?

Meaning of pye in Hindi is :

Definition of word pye

  • Archaic spelling of pie (the pastry food). (noun)

Examples of word pye

  • From what I recall of Gardner's model, it is a circular diagram, like a pye chart, equally divided into various intelligences such as mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, kinaesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, musical intelligence and so. on.
  • The Dutchman has a penchant for grasses, the lowly joe pye weed and massive wobbly-shaped hedges.
  • Betty and Neal Sanders have planted tough perennials such as Joe-pye weed and creeping junipers in the strip between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Or maibe it is sum kind of meet pye? n-e-hoo, it looks nommylicious!
  • These were the same elites who looked down on and spurned the impoverished peasants, fisherman, and slum dwellers; who referred to them as ignorant and uncivilized, as subhuman, who called them dan wouj (red teeth) and pye pete


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