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What is the meaning of quantity in Hindi?

Meaning of quantity in Hindi is : हद्द

Definition of word quantity

  • A fundamental, generic term used when referring to the measurement (count, amount) of a scalar, vector, number of items or to some other way of denominating the value of a collection or group of items. (noun)
  • An indefinite amount of something. (noun)
  • A specific measured amount. (noun)
  • A considerable measure or amount. (noun)
  • Property of a phenomenon, body, or substance, where the property has a magnitude that can be expressed as number and a reference. (noun)
  • Indicates that the entire preceding expression is henceforth considered a single object. (noun)

Examples of word quantity

  • The sphere of quantity, therefore, is absolutely identical with the sphere of the finite; and the phrase _infinite quantity_, if strictly construed, is a contradiction in terms.
  • Mr. Ricardo's doctrine is, that A and B are to each other in value as the _quantity_ of labor is which produces A to the quantity which produces B; or, to express it in the very shortest formula by substituting the term _base_, as synonymous with the term _producing labor, All things are to each other in value as their bases are in quantity_.
  • 'Dim MyProductInsert = New SqlCommand ( "INSERT into tbl_CartItem (Cart_Name, Product_ID, quantity) VALUES (@Cart_Name, @Product_ID, @quantity)", ProductConn)' MyProductInsert.
  • The quantity of nails ** @var int * / private $_quantity; / *** Constructor ** @param int
  • But, no doubt, what we lack in quantity is more than made up in quality.


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