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What is the meaning of quavering in Hindi?

Meaning of quavering in Hindi is : काँपता हुआ

Definition of word quavering

  • Present participle of quaver. (verb)

Examples of word quavering

  • And in quavering falsetto, with the customary broken-notes, the old man sang.
  • I told him my desires humbly, in quavering syllables.
  • Such a charivari as ensued, for just as my tugs at the alarm-bell began to take effect, the clock struck twelve, and the waits set up outside my window in quavering tones, with their teeth chattering from the cold, an old-fashioned lilt.
  • [Fumbling and bumbling and frightened conversations as the Church quickly changes its position on women's ordination, with cardinals and the Pope whispering in quavering voices, Hurry!
  • There was some kind of quavering, high-pitched noise coming out of my mouth that seemed to come from my gut at the same time.


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