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What is the meaning of querulous in Hindi?

Meaning of querulous in Hindi is : शिकायती

Definition of word querulous

  • Often complaining; suggesting a complaint in expression; fretful, whining. (adjective)

Examples of word querulous

  • It is legitimately hard to decide which of these four points is the most ridiculous. (1) and (2) might charitably be called querulous, demanding a full vector representation of all the heat/energy flows of a schematic representation.
  • "Anne!" called a querulous voice down the passage.
  • "Don't stand looking any longer, for mercy's sake!" called the querulous voice from the house.
  • Suddenly the groom, a kind of querulous shiver in his voice, spoke.
  • Her words came so fast that I cannot attempt their semblance here, and her voice rose and fell in a kind of querulous chant to which sometimes she nodded her head, as if she was beating the time.


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