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What is the meaning of radar in Hindi?

Meaning of radar in Hindi is : रेडार

Definition of word radar

  • A method of detecting distant objects and determining their position, velocity, or other characteristics by analysis of sent radio waves (usually microwaves) reflected from their surfaces (noun)
  • A type of system using such method, differentiated by platform, configuration, frequency, power, and other technical attributes. (noun)
  • An installation of such a system or of the transmitting and receiving apparatus. (noun)
  • A superior ability to detect something. (noun)
  • To scan with radar, or as if with radar. (verb)

Examples of word radar

  • RADAR The term radar is an acronym derived from the words radio detection and ranging.
  • I think so far he did great job for not being in the obvious, being under the radar is a way to play the game in survivor, too.
  • This method of "radio detection and ranging" came to be known by the acronym radar, with the word's palindromic nature echoing the system's operating principle.
  • The location of the radar is the last unresolved piece in the first phase of the Pentagon's missile defense shield for Europe.
  • High on his radar is avoiding Cardinal FS Bo McNally, whose hands are so good that he moonlights as the holder for kicks.


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