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What is the meaning of rail in Hindi?

Meaning of rail in Hindi is : लोहे की सड़क या रेल पर सफर करना

Definition of word rail

  • A horizontal bar extending between supports and used for support or as a barrier; a railing. (noun)
  • The metal bar that makes the track for a railroad. (noun)
  • A railroad; a railway. (noun)
  • A horizontal piece of wood that serves to separate sections of a door or window. (noun)
  • Lengthwise edges of a surfboard. (noun)
  • To travel by railway. (verb)
  • Any of several birds in the family Rallidae. (noun)
  • An item of clothing; a cloak or other garment. (noun)
  • Specifically, a woman's headscarf or neckerchief. (noun)
  • To complain violently (against, about). (verb)
  • To gush, flow (of liquid). (verb)

Examples of word rail

  • In the nineteenth century, when people wanted to describe the new transportation technology that went chug-chug-chug, they called the engine an “iron horse” and the rail system “track way” (if they were Dutch) or “rail way” (if they were English) or “iron way” (if they were French, German, or Italian) or “narrow iron lane” (if they were Greek).
  • The “light” in light rail is short for “light-capacity rail transit,” as opposed to “heavy rail” or “heavy-capacity rail transit” (subways and elevateds).
  • The bottom of this scope forms a rail, and near the front of the rail is a series of grooves.
  • He also touches on a lot of things that Matt talks about a lot: building urban rail is not going to be useful unless you also change development, and discourage free parking.
  • Democrats have learned that continually stepping on the third rail is unwise for their political futures.


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