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What is the meaning of raise in Hindi?

Meaning of raise in Hindi is : हटा लेना

Definition of word raise

  • To cause to physically rise. (verb)
  • To collect. (verb)
  • To bring up; to grow. (verb)
  • To cause something to come to the surface of the sea. (verb)
  • to increase something (verb)
  • To mention (a question, issue) for discussion (verb)
  • To respond to a bet by increasing the amount required to continue in the hand. (verb)
  • To create; to constitute (a use, or a beneficial interest in property). (verb)
  • To exponentiate, to involute. (verb)
  • To extract (a subject or other verb argument) out of an inner clause. (verb)
  • To cause (a dead person) to live again, to cause to be undead. (verb)
  • An increase in wages or salary; a rise (UK). (noun)
  • A shoulder exercise in which the arms are elevated against resistance. (noun)
  • A shot in which the delivered stone bumps another stone forward. (noun)
  • A bet which increased the previous bet. (noun)

Examples of word raise

  • For, first, she desires if she can -- and she has often been able -- actually to raise these, first to sanctity and then to her own altars; it is for her and her only to _raise the poor from the dunghill and to set them with the princes_.
  • A few hands later, I got KT suited on the button and I called a raise from the shorty I had targeted who had opened from middle position, and the small blind also called directly behind me.
  • Randy Leonard's acceptance of the raise is a deliberate middle finger to his critics.
  • A great time to ask for a raise is after your boss has praised you for something.
  • Avoiding a default would almost certainly involve swallowing a proposed short term raise of the debt ceiling, coupled with spending cuts, followed by a more comprehensive budget and tax reform package to set the nation's fiscal house in order.


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