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What is the meaning of raise in Hindi?

Meaning of raise in Hindi is : हटा लेना

Definition of word raise

Examples of word raise

  • The staffer joked that it it would've been funnier if the party were titled "Raise the Roof."
  • Tulwana said they had introduce a new game called Raise Your Game to make the lottery interesting and promote its idea of giving while playing.
  • Derived from the acronym Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, the RYTHM Foundation was created to emulate the fundamentals on which the QI Group has been built since 1998.
  • That's because, according to a nonprofit called Raise Hope for Congo, more than 5 million people have died in fighting to control the mines that produce those minerals.
  • Back in Dharamsala, India, she had helped to start an organization called Raise Tibetan Flags Campaign.


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