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What is the meaning of rancid in Hindi?

Meaning of rancid in Hindi is : सड़ा हुआ

Definition of word rancid

  • Being rank in taste or smell. (adjective)
  • offensive (adjective)

Examples of word rancid

  • But if the expressions of opinion are in rancid tones, then just like the stench of carion, people are turned away.
  • In the following installments I will explore the meat of his argument (best described as rancid and decaying), which centered on criticism of various hominid fossils and a few arguments mirroring those presented by Jonathan Wells 'book
  • Why is it that when progressives talk about the benefits our country could reap from say, investing in mass transit, or overhauling our school lunch program so that it might actually nourish our kids instead of poison them, too many folks on the right start to spew the kind of rancid rhetoric I've quoted here?
  • Cocoa-butter in itself is quite harmless -- usually non-irritating (unless it is "rancid") -- and it gives some mechanical protection, in the same way as vaseline or any kind of fat or oil would do, provided, of course, it is in the right place to catch and entangle the spermatazoa and thus prevent their uniting with the ovum.
  • A pungent reek of some kind of rancid fat or oil assailed his nostrils.


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