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What is the meaning of ransacked in Hindi?

Meaning of ransacked in Hindi is : लूटा हुआ

Definition of word ransacked

  • Simple past tense and past participle of ransack. (verb)

Examples of word ransacked

  • We sat with villagers, in ransacked homes, whose family members had been burnt to death.
  • "When all the major rice warehouses have been ransacked, that is a concern."
  • Nasr said a large butcher knife was missing from a butcher's block in King's kitchen, and the bedroom looked as though it had been "ransacked," with dresser drawers left open and items scattered about.
  • Nutt, 35, in a stolen truck whose interior had been "ransacked" and the ignition punched out, according to charging documents.
  • According to TMZ, the agents "ransacked" the former


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