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What is the meaning of rare in Hindi?

Meaning of rare in Hindi is : विरला

Definition of word rare

  • Cooked very lightly, so the meat is still red (in the case of steak or beef in the general sense). (adjective)
  • Very uncommon; scarce. (adjective)
  • thin; of low density (adjective)
  • To rear, rise up, start backwards. (verb)
  • To rear, bring up, raise. (verb)

Examples of word rare

  • It's not that those rare new classics or rare new breakthrough works can't happen, it's that they are _rare_.
  • "Well," announced he, as he put down the box and pulled his adikey over his head, "I were seein 'Santa Claus th' day an 'givin' he a rare scoldin 'for passin' my maid by these two year -- a _rare_ scoldin '-- an'
  • In his own thoroughly strange 1946 novel Life Comes to Seathorpe, Neil Bell appropriates the term "rare books" to designate members of a new, dissident literary canon.
  • But many people are puzzled by the term "rare earth."
  • If you think about it, even the term rare coins connotes scarcity, which is an important attribute of all successful products, whether they be collectibles or everyday consumer items.


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