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What is the meaning of raring in Hindi?

Meaning of raring in Hindi is : तत्पर

Definition of word raring

  • Eager. (adjective)

Examples of word raring

  • CHERYL Cole revealed she is "raring" to get back to work on The X Factor - despite being teased by Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh while Dannii Minogue was on maternity leave.
  • As you can imagine with nearly 28 years of marriage I've performed many and varied activities when caring for a home, raring children and all the experiences and fun that entails.
  • I cannot remember the last time I woke up in the morning and was raring to get to exercise class.
  • Whereas in some cities the timid may take a year to emerge from the cocoon of the subsidised Union bars to engage with their new home, Leeds has become so famous for its clubbing that some clued-up freshers will no doubt be raring to visit lauded nights such as Basics and Subdub, plus clubs like Wire, HiFi and The Faversham.
  • These tender young startups may be raring to play e-yentas, but before they can get started, they need to solve the same problem any social media venture confronts: community-building.


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