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What is the meaning of rasp in Hindi?

Meaning of rasp in Hindi is : रेती से घिसना

Definition of word rasp

  • A coarse file, on which the cutting prominences are distinct points raised by the oblique stroke of a sharp punch, instead of lines raised by a chisel, as on the true file. (noun)
  • The sound made by this tool when used, or any similar sound. (noun)
  • The raspberry. (noun)
  • To use a rasp (verb)
  • To make a noise similar to the one a rasp in use makes; to utter rasps (verb)
  • To work something with a rasp (verb)

Examples of word rasp

  • Batman's rasp is more a character thing to conceal his identity.
  • '"Our study provides strong evidence that the" rasp "[a certain electric signal] is a male advertisement call during courtship in this species,' said Wong, noting that the males also serenade females with lower frequency 'creaks.'"
  • The root is then reduced to a pulp, by rubbing it up and down a kind of rasp, made as follows: -- A piece of board, about 3 in. wide, and 12 ft. long, is procured, upon which some coarse twine, made of the fibres of the cocoa nut husk, is tightly and regularly wound, and which affords an admirable substitute for a coarse rasp.
  • At Tahiti the fecula is procured by washing the tubers, scraping off their outer skin, and then reducing them to a pulp by friction, on a kind of rasp, made by winding coarse twine (formed of the coco-nut fibre) regularly round a board.
  • By means of a kind of rasp one of these insects creates a sound which


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