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What is the meaning of rataplan in Hindi?

Meaning of rataplan in Hindi is : ढमढम

Definition of word rataplan

  • A continuous, even drumming or rapping, as of the hooves of a galloping horse, or machine-gun fire. (noun)
  • To drum repeatedly. (verb)

Examples of word rataplan

    • Then comes the military réveille, and the deafening 'rataplan' of regimental drums, and the town is soon alive with people arriving and departing by the early trains; whilst others collect in the market-place in holiday attire with baskets of flowers, and commence the erection of an altar to the Virgin in the middle of the square.
    • Cusins flourishes his drumsticks as if in the art of beating a lively rataplan, but makes no sound.
    • The child-actress was the prop of her mother and the donkey; her talent also kept the youth, who began to agitate the nerves of Beynac with his diabolical rataplan hours before each performance.
    • Then on, with, the galloping even triplet of the house's hoofs beneath me, as they came down in quick succession, as if the earth were a muffled drum and we were beating an untiring rataplan on her breast.
    • Mr. Gordon performed a surpassing rataplan upon his long-suffering thumb-joint and wondered if this queer and direct being might qualify among the redeemable ten per cent.


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