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What is the meaning of ratiocinative in Hindi?

Meaning of ratiocinative in Hindi is : विवाद की प्रवृत्तिवाला

Definition of word ratiocinative

  • Pertaining to or characterized by ratiocination, discursive thinking, or inferential knowledge. (adjective)

Examples of word ratiocinative

  • When I use the word ratiocinative, it's because it is the correct word for the job.
  • The process is often described as a ratiocinative or inferential process, and from this standpoint is contrasted with deductive reasoning.
  • At first, in ratiocinative processes, its premises must cover little ground and be fully elaborated, and in the course of the deduction or induction there can be no omission of the smallest detail.
  • The introspective, contemplative, ratiocinative, philosophic aspect of Holmes gets obscured as Ritchie turns him into a 21st-century man of action in the mould of Indiana Jones and Daniel Craig's ultra-tough James Bond.
  • Similarly, the characters in Henry James's fiction, which most readers find quite convincing even when the fictions themselves are judged to be somewhat short on dramatic action, share the obsessed and ratiocinative qualties of James's style.


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