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What is the meaning of ravenous in Hindi?

Meaning of ravenous in Hindi is : लालची

Definition of word ravenous

  • Very hungry. (adjective)
  • Eager for prey or gratification. (adjective)

Examples of word ravenous

  • He’d been hungry himself before, but he’d never understood the term ravenous until he watched her eat.
  • With bass leaving their beds and ravenous from the rigors of spawning, now's the time to cast out a topwater popper and get ready for some explosive action.
  • Or it may be meant of Egypt itself, which had been to Israel a house of bondage and therefore a land of trouble and anguish, and which abounded in ravenous and venomous creatures.
  • Well, sir, after all this had relatively changed, after the Western nations had made their marvellous advances in civilization, they were too apt to exhibit to China only their barbaric side -- that is, their ravenous cupidity backed by their insolent strength.
  • While we're obviously going to go through some growing pains for the next few cycles, I'm optimistic that this kind of ravenous fact-checking will result in greater voluntary transparency and less focus on spin and PR.


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