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What is the meaning of reactor in Hindi?

Meaning of reactor in Hindi is : रियैक्टर

Definition of word reactor

  • A person who behaves in response to a suggestion, stimulation or some other influence. (noun)
  • A structure used to contain chemical or other reactions. (noun)
  • A device which uses atomic energy to produce heat. (noun)
  • A chemical substance which responds to the presence or contact with another substance. (noun)

Examples of word reactor

  • The “construction jobs” ‘created’ to build the nuclear reactor *** ARE *** counted as “green jobs” since the reactor is a green source of electricity.
  • Also, due to the latent radioactivity in the reactor core, the decommissioning of a reactor is a slow process which has to take place in stages; the plans of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for decommissioning reactors have an average 50 year time frame.
  • This reactor is an excellent and elegant solution to the non-polluting heat source problem.
  • EDF said that while the future of the third Calvert Cliffs reactor is unclear, it "remains committed to pursuing new nuclear [power plants] in the U.S."
  • Once the reactor is built, the several thousand construction jobs are ended — leaving a residual of only perhaps 600 permanent jobs.