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What is the meaning of ready in Hindi?

Meaning of ready in Hindi is : सुविधा का

Definition of word ready

Examples of word ready

  • Ready 2 Yield soybeans delivered a yield advantage over competitor varieties of the first-generation Roundup Ready® trait of greater than 3 bushels per acre.
  • Under the title Ready, set, game: Learn how to keep video gaming safe and fun.
  • For a season that has thus far produced predominantly wearable collections, with designers seemingly taking the title Ready-To-Wear quite literally, Basso and Brooke successfully managed to marry perfectly executed elegant dresses with outlandish prints that gave them the edge they would otherwise lack.
  • I loved the title Ready Fire Aim until I saw the author.
  • SS: "I'm Ready" is just an anthem-y song that I wrote in response to a question from a friend who said, "Are you ready to step into your greatness?"


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