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What is the meaning of realization in Hindi?

Meaning of realization in Hindi is : समझ

Definition of word realization

  • The act of realizing; an act of figuring out or becoming aware. (noun)
  • The act of realizing; the act of making real. (noun)
  • The result of an artistic effort. (noun)

Examples of word realization

  • It is easy to write the word realization, but what does it mean?
  • As much as hearing you sing, seeing you smile and feeling your hugs, this realization is a lovely gift from a lovely woman.
  • The independence acquired through its acceptance of this realization is an additional asset.
  • My reflection and realization is that all law works for money, government, and minorities.
  • When moving day comes, the realization is swift and the betrayal is harsh.


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