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What is the meaning of realm in Hindi?

Meaning of realm in Hindi is : विभाग

Definition of word realm

  • An abstract sphere of influence, real or imagined. (noun)
  • The domain of a certain abstraction. (noun)
  • A territory or state, as ruled by a specific power, and particularly those territories ruled by a king. (noun)

Examples of word realm

  • It is the realm of _psychical life_; and, still more decidedly and more evidently, the _realm of mind_.
  • A series of recent mind-bending laboratory experiments has given scientists an unprecedented peek behind the quantum veil, confirming that this realm is as mysterious as imagined.
  • The subconscious never sleeps and this realm is a vast resource for a writer.
  • In one, the seams are sealed so tight that they are imperceptible; the realm is a closed system, without portals or rifts; it has no contact with any other realms; there is no crosshatching between alternative (i.e. temporal) elsewhens or palimpsesting of alterior (i.e. nomological) elsewhens; everything takes place within that realm.
  • And in his pursuit of truth, he ventured beyond science and religion to what he called the realm of mysticism.


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