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What is the meaning of reappointment in Hindi?

Meaning of reappointment in Hindi is : पुनर्नियुक्ति

Definition of word reappointment

  • an act of reappointing (noun)

Examples of word reappointment

  • That occasion has now, in effect, become an audition for Terry to stake his claim for a long-term reappointment.
  • All his office will say is that his reappointment is the prerogative of the prime minister, Fife told Canada AM on Wednesday.
  • Despite these recent setbacks, Barroso maintains strong support among many members of the European Council (who appoint the Commission president) and the only conceivable obstacle for his reappointment is the European elections in June.
  • The government is calling the reappointment of Frank Bainimarama as Fiji's Prime Minister a sham.
  • His reappointment was a formality as he had the support of the 27 EU leaders and the centre-right majority in the parliament.


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