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What is the meaning of reasoned in Hindi?

Meaning of reasoned in Hindi is : सुविवेचित

Definition of word reasoned

  • which is based on reasoning; which is the result of logical thought (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of reason. (verb)

Examples of word reasoned

    • "Not here I think," said Anna-Rose, instantly and fatally ready as she always was to answer back and attempt what she called reasoned conversation.
    • Robb, who co-chaired the task force, told Reuters the group chose not to explicitly advocate military action in part because it did not want to turn what he described as a "reasoned, thoughtful approach into, 'This is bombs away.'"
    • A better route in reasoned debate is to probe the issue in alternative terms.
    • Insist that our opponents engage us in reasoned discourse, and insist that they address our rational arguments with rational arguments of their own.
    • It's absurd that you equate these two quite different statements and then use that equivalence to question the desire of others to engage in reasoned discourse.


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