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What is the meaning of rebarbative in Hindi?

Meaning of rebarbative in Hindi is : बीभत्स

Definition of word rebarbative

  • Irritating, repellent. (adjective)

Examples of word rebarbative

  • He claims that in his crime fiction he tones down his trademark use of obscure words, but he slips "rebarbative" into the essay.
  • Art Resource, NY Sixth-century mosaic of the Nile River with a crocodile, a duck and lotus flowers So why has this remarkable empire for so long been perceived as abhorrent and rebarbative, when not being dismissed?
  • It is puzzling and rebarbative, but once you get into its mindset, then it can have a curious grip on the imagination.
  • Susan Hertog's "Dangerous Ambition" Ballantine, 493 pages, $30 is about two "New Women" of America and their ever-evolving relationship—one hesitates to say friendship about people so naturally rebarbative—over many decades of the 20th century.
  • Worse still, the piece required Hahn, the epitome of refinement, to make coarse, rebarbative sounds on her instrument and Lisitsa to bang out "chords" with her flat palm.


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