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What is the meaning of recantation in Hindi?

Meaning of recantation in Hindi is : रूकावट

Definition of word recantation

  • the act of recanting or something recanted (noun)

Examples of word recantation

  • The cardinal plainly told him so; and as it is, he has signed a paper which they call a recantation of heresy.
  • Very often, when you look at what the defense attorney now labels a recantation, you see that in fact the witness has not really recanted anything at all, but instead has merely asserted somehow or other that they think the individual is innocent usually in the abstract, without addressing specific factual questions or prior statements by that witness.
  • The girl then recanted – only to admit later that her recantation was a lie told in order to stay with her mother, the state argues.
  • But he says that to walk in that procession, to take part in that act of so-called recantation and reconciliation, would be in itself as a confession that those things which he had held and taught were heretical.
  • He often recanted, and the recantation was a thousand times worse than the thing recanted.


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