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What is the meaning of receivable in Hindi?

Meaning of receivable in Hindi is : प्राप्य स्वीकार्य

Definition of word receivable

  • capable of being received, especially of a debt, from the perspective of the creditor. (adjective)
  • A debt owed, usually to a business, from the perspective of that business (noun)

Examples of word receivable

    • However, Telestone only reported a long term receivable once in its quarterly financials for the past twenty-three quarters.
    • Present value charge on long term receivable 2,770 - 2,770 -
    • Intangible assets, net 4,125 3,850 564 Long term receivable - 3,542 519 Deferred tax assets
    • However, in accordance with accounting standards for rate-regulated enterprises, this incurred charge was deferred and recorded in regulatory assets as a long-term receivable based on SCE's expectation that the unrecovered book value at the end of 2005 would be recovered in future rates (together with a reasonable return) through a balancing account mechanism.
    • Inotera Memories, a joint venture between Micron Technology and Nanya Technology, has revealed in a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) that it is working with Micron and Nanya to minimize the impact of Qimonda's insolvency, as it still has NT$3. 4 billion (US$100. 65 million) in accounts receivable from the German client.
    • The combined decrease of $2.8 million, as compared to the three months ended September 25, 2008, was primarily due to lower accretion income as a result of a lower outstanding balance on the discounted long-term receivable and lower interest rates on interest bearing accounts.
    • Interest income for the third quarter of 2009 consisted of $1.3 million of accretion of the discounted long-term receivable from Boeing for capital expense reimbursement pursuant to the Asset Purchase Agreement for the Boeing Acquisition and $0.3 million of interest income, as compared to $3.7 million of accretion and $0.7 million in interest income for the same period in the prior year.
    • However, there are a number of tax filing positions that can still be the subject of review by taxation authorities who may successfully challenge the Trust's interpretation of the applicable tax legislation and regulations, with the result that additional tax liabilities could be owed by the Trust and the amount owed, with estimated interest but without penalties, could be up to $390 million, including $58 million recorded as a long-term receivable (see note 4).
    • The companies that have a lot of short-term receivable securitization facilities will struggle to find revolving credit lines and could be the first to "go under".