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What is the meaning of receivable in Hindi?

Meaning of receivable in Hindi is : प्राप्य स्वीकार्य

Definition of word receivable

  • capable of being received, especially of a debt, from the perspective of the creditor. (adjective)
  • A debt owed, usually to a business, from the perspective of that business (noun)
  • Especially, a debt arising from a sale on account or on credit. (noun)

Examples of word receivable

  • However, Telestone only reported a long term receivable once in its quarterly financials for the past twenty-three quarters.
  • Present value charge on long term receivable 2,770 - 2,770 -
  • Intangible assets, net 4,125 3,850 564 Long term receivable - 3,542 519 Deferred tax assets
  • However, in accordance with accounting standards for rate-regulated enterprises, this incurred charge was deferred and recorded in regulatory assets as a long-term receivable based on SCE's expectation that the unrecovered book value at the end of 2005 would be recovered in future rates (together with a reasonable return) through a balancing account mechanism.
  • Inotera Memories, a joint venture between Micron Technology and Nanya Technology, has revealed in a company filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) that it is working with Micron and Nanya to minimize the impact of Qimonda's insolvency, as it still has NT$3. 4 billion (US$100. 65 million) in accounts receivable from the German client.


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