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What is the meaning of receiving in Hindi?

Meaning of receiving in Hindi is : लेना

Definition of word receiving

  • Present participle of receive. (verb)

Examples of word receiving

  • Early previews of Robocalypse have been very positive, with the title receiving the runner-up spot in July for IGN's Best of E3 2008, Best Strategy Game for Nintendo DS.
  • • Credited as Senior Designer on at least 2 published titles, with at least one title receiving a Metacritic score of 80+.
  • He led the team in receiving in each of its two major scrimmages and will head into fall as a second-stringer.
  • “So the money we are receiving is earmarked to help get the property onto the national register.”
  • All it takes is a sense of the essential silliness of human vanity and a taste for the vain receiving a much-needed comeuppance.


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