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What is the meaning of receptacle in Hindi?

Meaning of receptacle in Hindi is : रखने का स्थान

Definition of word receptacle

  • A container. (noun)
  • The part of the flower stalk (peduncle or pedicel) to which the floral parts are attached; also torus. (noun)
  • A contact device installed at an outlet for the connection of an attachment plug and flexible cord to supply portable equipment or appliances. (noun)

Examples of word receptacle

  • This stylish trash receptacle is imported from Japan and is an incredibly detailed replica of R2-D2.
  • So the "handy bio-receptacle" is similar to however the Master has been getting new bodies, and perhaps serving a similar function to the looms (but with humans involved).
  • Carrying 1 block, walk out two segments and drop off the block in receptacle IV.
  • Now go back, unload 2 blocks from receptacle I, and place those 2 in receptacle II.
  • Now go back and fill receptacle I with blocks (up to 4), pick up 2 blocks, walk out 1 segment, and drop both blocks off in receptacle III.


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