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What is the meaning of reception in Hindi?

Meaning of reception in Hindi is : स्वीकृति

Definition of word reception

  • The act of receiving. (noun)

Examples of word reception

  • We're not exactly doing a "hunting" theme, BUT we're going elk hunting a few weeks before the wedding, the reception is at the local Elks Lodge, we'll have an elk on the invites, and the best part?
  • The place for the reception is a rather nice restaurant overlooking the Domain (big grasslands) and opposite the Art Gallery (1870s columned overblown creation).
  • This is how you do justice to the word reception, which means the act of receiving.
  • No one gives "dinner-parties" in the old sense any more; the very word "reception" is dying out.
  • His reception is so cool that he has to wait another day before disembarking.
  • In general, if the reception is before 5 p.m., attire will be informal (business suits, cocktail attire).
  • I have heard reports from other areas that when it's cloudy, the reception is iffy.