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What is the meaning of recipient in Hindi?

Meaning of recipient in Hindi is : वासन

Definition of word recipient

  • One who receives, such as one who receives money or goods. (noun)

Examples of word recipient

  • Behind the smile on the face of the recipient is the brain thinking "Its true, Americans ARE clueless, what a dope."
  • This morning, the 'fearless reporter' who is of course John Humphries, visited a London Hospital, which he described as the recipient of many millions of the cash donated by the taxpayer to the N.H.S., courtesy of the Labour Government.
  • So, the man passing El Segundo on to El Mayor has to make sure the recipient is well-prepared.
  • He did miss the second part where you then point at the mess and the recipient is unclean.
  • Could a Hawaii "gambler" claim their expense instead as a gift, if the recipient is governmental or a non-profit?
  • The recipient is selected by the Motionless Picture Association of America in consultation with its owners, Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney.
  • EVERY entitlement program has a section entitled "Qualifications" that details how a recipient is to qualify for the program.
  • If someone slaps another, the recipient is often motivated to respond with greater force.