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What is the meaning of reclination in Hindi?

Meaning of reclination in Hindi is : झुकाव

Definition of word reclination

  • The act of leaning or reclining. (noun)
  • The angle made by the plane of a dial with a vertical plane which it intersects in a horizontal line. (noun)
  • Removal of a cataract by applying the needle to its anterior surface, and depressing it into the vitreous humor in such a way that front surface of the cataract becomes the upper one and its back surface the lower one. (noun)

Examples of word reclination

  • Your rightful place is to serve me when I†™ m hungry, and to wear an unstained tie when you deliver it to me in my state of relaxed reclination.
  • I saw with pleasure Sir, your reclination from my addresses, — I have prov'd both your Passions, and
  • -- I saw with pleasure, Sir, your reclination from my Addresses.
  • Reclination has four positions: upright, and three varying degrees of reclination.


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