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What is the meaning of recoding in Hindi?

Meaning of recoding in Hindi is :

Definition of word recoding

  • Present participle of recode. (verb)

Examples of word recoding

  • As a result, almost every message entering short-term memory has to undergo a process called recoding.
  • If one accepts their recoding of murder cases and adds in all cases classified as “injuries resulting from contact with blunt or sharp instruments, and injuries from firearms with unclear intent,” this would raise the murder total by 24 percent.
  • Research findings confirming a hypothesis are accepted more or less at face value, but when confronted with contrary evidence, we become “motivated skeptics” (Kunda, 1990), mulling over possible reasons for the “failure”, picking apart possible flaws in the study, recoding variables, and only when all the counterarguing fails do we rethink our beliefs.
  • I had listened to the recoding of the first YTSO concert and thought, "Interesting," but I think that the orchestra for the second one was even better.
  • Instead they respond to the slow re-patterning or recoding of the complex brain and body systems.


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