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What is the meaning of recognizability in Hindi?

Meaning of recognizability in Hindi is : स्वीकृति

Definition of word recognizability

  • The quality of being recognizable. (noun)

Examples of word recognizability

  • While I do think the animations are very well done, and a cool idea, I think that almost all of the recognizability comes from the soundtrack, rather than the images.
  • So let me make sure I get what you’re trying to sell me here: These Toodles characters are supposed to be world-wide recognizable brand names, similar in recognizability to Ford or Disney, where I could walk over to the mall across the street here in Philly and 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed will recognize their names immediately?
  • If your polling indicates that your opponent only has 7% name recognizability factor among Democrats in your state, you do not mention his name.
  • Their genius is felt not in the ready, perhaps instant, recognizability of their work - although their art requires such distinctiveness to maintain its persuasion - but in its abiding ability to transport its beholders by oscillating between fantasy and reality, banality and magic, intimacy and universality, the dreamt and the dumb.
  • Other cases in which celebrity was in play were complicated because the “likeness” at issue was not a photo but some other indicator of identity, and celebrity was key to recognizability.
  • Blake: In terms of ToyVault's marketability of Cthulhu and other Lovecraftian horrors, part of it is recognizability.
  • The show relied on a healthy number of the mash-up collisions unveiled on All Day, revisited and reconfigured with enough difference to avoid the syndrome of the live show sounding just like the studio album, but with enough recognizability to trigger knowing smiles and synced dance responses from those familiar with the album.