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What is the meaning of recognizable in Hindi?

Meaning of recognizable in Hindi is : प्रमाणित करने योग्य

Definition of word recognizable

  • Able to be recognized. (adjective)

Examples of word recognizable

  • This is but yet another reason why law schools no longer teach very much law, in any sense of the term recognizable to a practicing lawyer.
  • Friedman and Fuchs also provide a handy description of the elements of "stability" against which most innovative writers are rebelling: "Plot linearity that implies a story's purposeful forward movement; a single, authoritative storyteller; well-motivated characters interacting in recognizable social patterns; the crucial conflict deterring the protagonist from the ultimate goal; the movement to closure ...."
  • Anonymous who posted about having to look for particular anatomy before determining whether a person was male or female: I was always taught that you should be recognizable from a distance, as male or female.
  • The Hong Kong trader and the Tokyo nerve gas bomber are recognizable from the headlines of the past few years, is the physicist or the DJ based, however loosely, on a contemporary person?
  • For all its emphasis on a mileu characterized by rebelliousness (however directed in recognizable channels) and noncomformity, The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus is rather well-controlled and ultimately fairly conventional in its movement toward a kind of rounded-off closure.


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