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What is the meaning of recognization in Hindi?

Meaning of recognization in Hindi is : प्रामाणिकता

Definition of word recognization

  • A process or act of recognizing. (noun)

Examples of word recognization

  • For all the name recognization, and party backing she still could'nt beat a newbie ..
  • The second key topic of state-sovereignty is that states need "recognization" from other states as the equal value and standard at the international community.
  • Why does a Governor of the party of Lincoln deny recognization to Union soldiers and President Lincoln who saved the Union and united this country under one strong Federal Government?
  • Framing the query with natural phrasing can mean better ranking and easier recognization of best hits.
  • On Saturday, March 28, Leo will be given the first “Big Green Help Award” by Cameron Diaz in recognization of his efforts to help the environment.
  • In recognization of AIDS Awareness Month, LifeStyles is auctioning celebrity-designed condom boxes.
  • We want to capitalize in some form on what we "own"; either through brand recognization or more commonly, through monetary compensation.
  • Consequently, the provincial government felt compelled to terminate the limited recognization the Beit Dins and Catholic family mediation units had under the ADR legislation, although no complaints had been made regarding either.