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What is the meaning of recognization in Hindi?

Meaning of recognization in Hindi is : प्रामाणिकता

Definition of word recognization

  • A process or act of recognizing. (noun)

Examples of word recognization

  • For all the name recognization, and party backing she still could'nt beat a newbie ..
  • The second key topic of state-sovereignty is that states need "recognization" from other states as the equal value and standard at the international community.
  • Why does a Governor of the party of Lincoln deny recognization to Union soldiers and President Lincoln who saved the Union and united this country under one strong Federal Government?
  • Framing the query with natural phrasing can mean better ranking and easier recognization of best hits.
  • On Saturday, March 28, Leo will be given the first “Big Green Help Award” by Cameron Diaz in recognization of his efforts to help the environment.


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