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What is the meaning of recognizer in Hindi?

Meaning of recognizer in Hindi is : पहिचान करनेवाला

Definition of word recognizer

  • A person or device that recognizes. (noun)

Examples of word recognizer

  • Art included the recognizer, which is a bit evolved from the original film.
  • For data input, you do get the option of a touch QWERTY keyboard, a 20 key, a touch keypad, and a transcriber and a block recognizer which is the old Graffiti program where you write letters and numbers and it recognizes it - most of the time anyway.
  • These programs usually allow the "recognizer" to document the behavior and communicate to the recipient the special thing they did to deserve recognition.
  • Limitation of senses does not hinder the sensitivity of this phone coz it combines technologies of blind-touch screen (Braille), voice systems and programs to function as regular phone, navi-system, book reader and object recognizer.
  • The Page's Katie Rooney (some of you might recognizer her from The Page's RSS feed) does the technical magic that makes the link appear in my in box.
  • It's have CAPTCHA recognizer, email verificator, and a lot of other functions ...
  • A simple biophysical model they developed indicates that in picking out the target molecule from a crowd of look-alikes, the recognizer has an advantage if it is slightly off-target.
  • Well-read, and an intelligent recognizer of patterns, but a deeply confused and undisciplined thinker.
  • "There's not a speech recognizer today that you can't break by stretching out certain syllables," says Deb Roy, director of the Cognitive Machines Group at the MIT Media Lab.