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What is the meaning of recognizes in Hindi?

Meaning of recognizes in Hindi is :

Definition of word recognizes

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of recognize. (verb)
  • Alternative spelling of recognises. (verb)

Examples of word recognizes

    • The title recognizes the human component of climate change which we note is roughly proportional to the product of the number of people and their average per capita annual resource consumption.
    • The title recognizes its comprehensive approach to supporting breastfeeding of newborns.
    • The term recognizes the psychological fact that just as there can be no human feeling without a minimum of intellectual dis - crimination, so men are unable to reason without experiencing some feeling.
    • The designation recognizes Combined Insurance's demonstrated recruitment, hiring and retention efforts to embrace service men and women returning to or entering the civilian job market.
    • The title recognizes BC technology companies that hold great potential for investment and market breakthroughs.


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