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What is the meaning of reconnoiter in Hindi?

Meaning of reconnoiter in Hindi is : पूर्वसर्वेक्षण

Definition of word reconnoiter

  • To perform a reconnaissance (of an area; an enemy position); to scout with the aim of gaining information. (verb)
  • An act or instance of reconnoitering. (noun)

Examples of word reconnoiter

    • Their ability to quickly reconnoiter is why we have such great coverage of everything that went down.
    • He trod on empty cartridges as he walked from room to room to reconnoiter from the windows.
    • In this case, an exception should be made not only for clumsy phrases, but for simple oversights, such as a girl going to "reconnoiter" rather than rendezvous with her boyfriend.
    • What tasks (such as reconnoiter a route or assist a passage of lines) does the OPORD specify for the company team to accomplish?
    • If that didn't work, they'd drop back and "reconnoiter," he said.


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