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What is the meaning of redness in Hindi?

Meaning of redness in Hindi is : लाली

Definition of word redness

  • The quality of being red in color. (noun)
  • A red discoloration. (noun)

Examples of word redness

    • He was at one and the same instant all modern, all imminently primitive, capable of fighting in redness of tooth and claw, desirous of remaining modern for as long as he could with his will master the study of ebon black of skin and dazzling white of decoration that confronted him.
    • Redness causes redness is not the equivalent of "certain features of life are best explained with reference to the purposeful arrangement of parts."
    • Of course, just as results from laser treatments vary from patient to patient, there can also be pain associated with certain treatments, as well as possible side affects, including short-term redness, burning and even hyper-pigmentation.
    • It has, indeed, such a configuration of particles, both night and day, as are apt, by the rays of light rebounding from some parts of that hard stone, to produce in us the idea of redness, and from others the idea of whiteness; but whiteness or redness are not in it at any time, but such a texture that hath the power to produce such a sensation in us.
    • But this seems to have matters the wrong way around: If this psychosemantics or that one cannot predict that Cynthia is representing redness, that is an objection to the psychosemantics, not to the claim that Cynthia is representing redness, which claim is more credible than is any particular psychosemantics.


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