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What is the meaning of redress in Hindi?

Meaning of redress in Hindi is : हरजान्

Definition of word redress

Examples of word redress

  • The Appeal for Redress is unlikely to alter U.S. policy in Iraq.
  • Hutto connected with the book's author, David Cortright, and an Iraq War veteran named Liam Madden, and on January 16 of this year, they presented their statement — "An Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq" — to Congress, along with the signatures of more than 1,600 fellow servicemen and women.
  • Therefore, the Appeal for Redress is not the military seeking a more prominent role in politics; it is troops renouncing the role being projected onto them.
  • The Appeal for Redress, which is entirely legal, becomes justified when politicians use the aura of the troops as a means to solidify their agendas.
  • NHS Redress, which is designed to make it easier to complain when mistakes are made, is due to come into force in two weeks time.


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